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www.ouroyster.com 26.02.2011
Hawkes Bay 17.02.2011
The Great, Great Walk Compromise 14.02.2011
Auckland to Wairoa 14.02.2011
The Road To Raglan 14.02.2011
The Wanganui River Conclusion 14.02.2011
Wanganui river journey 10.02.2011
Destination : Reatihi 10.02.2011
New Plymouth 10.02.2011
Black Water Rafting 09.02.2011
Kiwiburn 07.02.2011
Going Outside My Comfort Zone With Water Sports 25.01.2011
Rainy Piha 24.01.2011
Hot Water Beach On A Cold Cold Day 22.01.2011
The Path Goes Nowhere, And That Seagull Scares Me 21.01.2011
Paradise Island is Closer Than You Think 18.01.2011
Rotorua - A Geothermal Playground 17.01.2011
Operation Not Drown 16.01.2011
Bay of Islands 15.01.2011
Hiking Cape Reinga 13.01.2011
AUCK or bust 06.01.2011
New Years in New Zealand - One I will never remember 05.01.2011
C is for Christmas. It's also for Camping. Or Cathedral Cove 05.01.2011
Celebrating Christmas in New Zealand 04.01.2011
Hiking up Mt. Eden (Maungawhau) 19.11.2010
Attack Of The Ozone Layer... Or Lack There Of 16.11.2010
Lost Luggage, and the Soundtrack for a Plane Crash 11.11.2010
A Comedy of Errors - at 30,000 feet 08.11.2010
Halloween in NYC 08.11.2010
New York on the Cheap 07.11.2010
DIY Skillz - Resoling Your Own Shoes 07.11.2010
Walking the soles right off my shoes... 07.11.2010
Breaking in NYC's Newest Hostel 07.11.2010